• Wood in the food industry - a comparison of different materials. Wood, waxed wood, plywood, polyethylene and stainless steel - a comparison of hygienic properties (Part report no. 7) . The complete report is only available in a paper copy.
  • Wood in the food industry -Hygienic limits and cleaning procedures (Part report no. 6). The complete report: is only available as a paper copy
  • Wood in the food industry - guidelines for handling wooden pallets and packaging [report_8.pdf]
  • Studies on Poplar. Behavior of Echerichia coli Cells and Bacillus cereus Spores on Poplar Wood Crates by Impedance Measurements, Anne-Marie Revol-Juelles et al .Journal of Food Protection, Vol 68, No 1, 2005, Pages 80-84. [J_Food_Prot.pdf ]
Download this file (000519_schönwälderwooden_boards.pdf)Wooden boards affecting the survival of bacteria?A. Schönwälder, R. Kehr, A. Wulf, K.Smalla 195 Kb
Download this file (000518_Steinkamp_Wilms.pdf)German field testsUntersuchungen zur Einführung von Hygiene-Paletten aus Holz zum Einsatz in der Lebensmittelindustrie. H. Steinkamp, H. Wilms 1840 Kb
Download this file (000517_Report_No_10.pdf)Wood in the food industry - Wood, plastic and steela comparison of hygienic properties 368 Kb
Download this file (000516_Report9.pdf)Wood in the food industry - Hygienic properties of woodField studies on wooden pallets and wooden constructions (gluelam) 1032 Kb
Download this file (000515_report_5_020506_final.pdf)Wood in the food industryShort report from a pilot study regarding wood treatments and hygienic properties of wood75 Kb
Download this file (000514_Report2.pdf)Wood in the food industry - Measuring methods (Part report no 2)In this report you find a review on five different measuring methods that has been tested. The aim of the project is to develop and evaluate measuring methods to control the hygienic sta1168 Kb
Download this file (000513_Report1.pdf)Wood in the food industry. Literature review (Part report no. 1)Here you find a literature review on the suitability of materials used in the food industry, involving direct or indirect contact with food products. Complete report177 Kb