Interpal VIII, 64th FEFPEB Congress

October 2013 in Bordeaux (France)



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FEFPEB Congress 2013 Picture 1 

Left to right: FEFPEB executive committee representative Paulo Verdasca, incoming president Rob van Hoesel, outgoing president Gil Covey, FEFPEB secretary general Fons Ceelaert, executive committee representative Marc Michielsen, and the NWPCA’s Brent McLendon (NWPCA).


FEFPEB Congress 2013 Picture 2 

Delegates on industry visits around Bordeaux, which were organised as part of the 64th FEFPEB congress

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After 12 years the global wooden pallet and packaging industry assembles again in Bordeaux for Interpal 8, the world timber pallet and packaging congress.

Themes and developments:

  • The impact of the recession, how to cope with that?
  • Can we achieve a common approach to ISPM 15 matters?
  • Worldwide timber trends (availability and impact of biomass)
  • A snapshot of the EU pallet and packaging industry: threats and opportunities
  • PR / image wood and wooden packaging
  • EU Timber regulation on illegal logging and how does it affect our business
  • Alliances FEFPEB  / CWPCA / NWPCA

SYPAL, our French partner, representing the pallet industry in France, was hosting the event in close conjunction with FEFPEB.

China delegation was participating in Interpal VIII

Interpal VIII attracts entrepreneurs and industry leaders from all parts of the world.
The pallet and container industry of China was represented by a delegation of 7 members of the Pallet Professional Committee of the China Federation of logistics & Purchasing, headed by their delegation leader Mrs. Tang Ying
Business session item: “Current status of Production and Usage of pallets in China”

Items and Speakers on the Business Session were:

EU Snapshot of the pallet and packaging industry / Cohesium, Mrs. Estelle Pelzer
Outcome of a French study carried out in 6 EU member states, based upon 70 interviews with pallet manufacturers/repairers and association professionals .

ISPM 15 / European Commission DG Sanco,  Mr. Román Vagner (tbc)
A presentation on the relevant developments in the field of ISPM 15.

The pallet and packaging industry in the USA / NWPCA, Mr. Brent McClendon
The NWPCA strategy, priorities and activities by the new President/CEO of NWPCA.

Worldwide timber trends / Pöyry Management consulting, Dr. Cormac O’Carroll
Availability timber, biomass developments are part of this presentation.

Research & Development in the wood industry / FCBA
New ideas and innovation in the overview by this famous French Institute.

CEI Bois Strategy and Activities / Mr. Philip Buisseret
The EU lobby agenda and specific issues, such as EUTR are elements of the presentation by the new secretary general of CEI Bois.

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